• NAPBS 18 Annual Conference: AI & Blockchain for Background Screening

    Oct 07, 2018

    Avvanz's CEO, Kannan Chettiar, and HRNX Integrations' Rick Barfoot delivered a presentation on "AI & Blockchain for Background Screening" at the recent NABPS 2018 Annual Conference. The annual event was held on Oct 7-10 in Baltimore, the U.S. The conference offered a diverse range of educational topics ranging from global screening techniques to strategic business sessions.

    The presentation made by Avvanz & HRNX Integrations covered Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Applications for Talent Acquisition & Background Screening. 

    Avvanz also walked the audience through the revolutionary AI-powered TABS platform - Talent Acquisition and Background Screening using Machine Language. In this exciting and interactive seminar, Kannan discussed how AI & Blockchain technologies will hugely disrupt the HR space along with breathtaking changes that can produce successful outcomes for the background screening industry. 

    Avvanz sponsored NAPBS18 and also had an interactive booth where attendees were able to check out the TABS and ScreenGlobal (for international checks that cover more than 100 countries). Avvanz is seeking partners to position TABS in the US. 

    For all enquires and access to a Webinar version of this event, email us at