• AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain

    Apr 20, 2018

    Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director of Avvanz, was invited as a Guest Speaker at PartnerHR's AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain event. 

    • Over the years HR Technologies have made an impact and some have asked what does Blockchain have to do with HR? It appears to have the potential to change the HR landscape even as a cross-industry disruptor. 
    • In today's world, there is a global talent hunt for the right talents to "advance" organizations. Given that more than 35% of resumes have discrepancies, there is an imperative need to ensure the hired talents are "safe" and of the highest level of integrity.
    • Moving from employee engagement to employee experience for a more engaging workplace. This is similar to the external drive for improved customer experience, as happy staff is a key for any business.
    • Digitalization of HR-related process and interaction for company-wide communication, to rapidly improve the dissemination of company announcements and employee benefits and programs.
    • The emergence of gig staffing of freelance and contract staff is like on-demand hiring, requiring quick turnaround of sourcing and selection of needed skills outside of the company.

    The engaging seminar was delivered to a group of business leaders, HR leaders and consultants.