• Acquiring, Integrating and Developing your workforce to stay ahead in the future economy

    Jun 21, 2018

    Acquiring, integrating and developing your workforce is the greatest mission of all companies since it is the key factor to keep you stay ahead in the future digital economy. Yet, there are a lot of grey areas prompting questions regarding talent acquisition, onboarding and development. Some of them are:

    • How to apply Artificial Intelligence to hire the right talents?
    • Can technology be used to screen for “safe” talents given that more than 35% of resumes have some form of discrepancies?
    • What L&D technologies are out there to integrate, engage and develop workforce in line with your business strategy?
    • Where’s the fit for Blockchain in this entire equation?

    In this context, VIPsearch, A Talent Firm, in co-collaboration with Avvanz, a Global Background Screening, New Employee Integration and Training and Development company, held an exclusive seminar for CEOs & HR Professionals on the topic: "Acquiring, Integrating and Developing your workforce to stay ahead in the future economy”. 

    Programme flow:

    08:00   Registration & Networking
    09:00 Welcoming and Opening Address
    By Mr. Huynh Minh Quan, CEO, VIPsearch
    09:30 How to ensure you hire “right” and “safe” talents using Artificial Intelligence &  ScreenGlobal?
    By Mr. Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director, Avvanz Singapore
    10:30 Networking Break + Exhibition Booth
    11:00 Using Technology to onboard, integrate and develop your workforce
    By Ms. So-young Kang, Founder & CEO, Gnowbe

    Panel + Q&A

    Talk about biggest talent acquisition challenges with respect to Gen X,Y and Millennials, Risks of hiring freelancers/contingent workers, challenges in engaging and motivating workforce

    By Mr. Kannan Chettiar, Managing Director, Avvanz Singapore

    By Ms. So-young Kang, Founder & CEO, Gnowbe

    By Mr. Quentin Bernard, Founder & CEO, Verita Profiler

    By Mr. Huynh Minh Quan, Founder & CEO, VIPsearch

    By Ms. Le Thi Doan Trinh, HRD, Scommerce Group

    Event closure

    Click to watch video of the entire event.