• Webinar: Avvanz - Your 1-Point-Talent-Hub

    Dec 19, 2016
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    People are the biggest assets to any business and can also pose the biggest risks to the business. It's critical that the RIGHT and SAFE Talents are acquired and developed to contribute successfully to your organization.

    Avvanz as a 1-Point-Talent-Hub has 3 business pillars to offer you a seamlessly end-to-end solution. Avvanz has 3 business pillars: Screen, Hire and Develop. 

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    Note: If you wish to forward the video to the specific business pillars, pls take note of below:

    Avvanz Screen - Background Screening - Starts at the beginning of the Webinar which lasts for 1 hour
    Avvanz Screen - Predictive Assessments - Starts at 33rd minute
    Avvanz Hire - New Employee Onboarding - Starts at 44th minute
    Avvanz Develop - Blended Learning, Instructor-Led Programs, Digital Learning - Starts at 56th minute