Coaching / Mentoring

Avvanz Develop takes pride in our Panel of Coaches/Advisors/Mentors who are Business Leaders carefully hand-picked from a cross-section of multiple industries. 


Why Avvanz Coaching?

  • Training (regardless of Digital Training or Instructor-led Training or Blended Training) needs to have a consistent and constant follow-through to yield the returns on investing in the Training. That's where Coaching for better performance becomes key. Coaching helps the employee develop through the various stages of career progression.  
  • Coaching helps to strengthen the application at work space. 
  • Coaching focuses on developing an employee's full potential by coaching the employee to think and act beyond existing limits and paradigms. 
  • Company's investment in 1:1 Coaching shows the employee that the company is extremely serious about the employee in achieving the set targets, objectives and KPIs. This will coerce the employee to be more accountable
  • Avvanz's Professional coaches offer values of wider experiences and independent approaches
  • Avvanz's Coaching for Performance leverages Sir John Whitmore's GROW Model - Goal, Reality, Obstacles/Options and Way Forward. 
  • Executive level Coaching is an executive development strategy that builds leadership and management prowess. It aims to develop leadership capabilities or focus required for current role and can also be used as an instrument to prepare the Executive for the challenges and requirements of the next progressive level. It offers an avenue whereby Executive can treat the Coach as an independent sounding board as well as a strategic partner in a safe and confidential environment. Through a series of structured one-to-one interactions between Coach and Executive, two focus areas are enhanced:
    • Individual personal performance
    • Individual organizational performance 

Our Panel's Differentiators:

  • Decades of functional and industrial experiences that will enable us to provide expert advice and mentorship. 
  • Avvanz perceives Coaching and Mentoring to go hand in hand to reap benefits of both. Only then it can be wholesome in terms of addressing specific skills development as well as the whole person development. Our panel builds relationship and trust with the employee over a longer period of time
  • We use probing and questioning techniques to identify appropriate actions
  • We encourage commitment to actions followed by development of a lasting action plan that will ensure you surpass your goals

Our Coaching Process:

  • We first need to understand what is your organization experiencing, for example:
    • Merger and Acquisition that might call for change management due to changes in leadership, culture and reorganization.  
    • High growth and/or Re-positioning that might require global expansion and assimilation of new employees. 
    • Penetration into brand new markets or launching new lines of businesses that warrants a different type of leadership. 
    • Major reputational damages like corporate scandals that warrant urgent filling of leadership gaps. 
    • Organization re-alignment like change of reporting framework and introduction of cross-functional teams.
  • Discovery Session that involves in-depth probing. This will be regardless of the type of Coaching - Coach-the-Coach, Executive Coaching for C-Suite Executives, Coaches for Executives and Leaders and even organization wide Coaching programs and Group Executive Coaching.

Our Coaching Fees vary depending on your context, situation, needs and objectives.   

Email us at for a non-obligatory discussion before Avvanz can submit a detailed Coaching proposal.