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Client Case Studies

Who: A large retail company with more than 20,000 employees across multiple outlets Challenges: Staff attrition more than 40%. Management trouble-shooted the problem and concluded that new joiners not onboarded properly tended to leave the company within 3 months.  Company’s HR Team spent a lot of time, effort and money on recruiting, onboarding and training. New […]

Who: A Global Technology company Challenges: Staff turnover more than 20%. Target was maximum 15%.  Caught a number of cases whereby the performance was not in line with the background presented in the resume. About 20% of the resumes had discrepancies i.e. In a batch of 10 joiners, at least 2 of them had some form of discrepancy with respect to […]

Who: A regional Recruitment Firm Challenges: More than 200 applications for just 2 positions.  Recruiter spent 10 minutes per resume. That amounted to 2000 minutes or 33 hours.  After filtering to interview about 30% of them i.e. 60 interviewees, Recruiter spent about 60 minutes on each of them. That worked out to 60 hours in total. In total, almost […]