Continuous monitoring in Healthcare Employees can save more lives

In the healthcare industry, it’s not uncommon for employees to come in contact with patients that are undergoing treatment or recovering from any procedure. In fact, nurses and doctors are often responsible for administering care to these patients. However, if a nurse is struggling with fatigue or a doctor has been feeling stressed lately it […]

Avvanz Partners ACCA Singapore

Avvanz, an award-winning HRTech and FinTech company that offers Tech-enabled individual background checks, Company Due Diligence, KYC/AML, New Hire Onboarding and Government-funded Digital Transformation related Training and Development solutions has partnered with Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Singapore offering Digital Transformation courses to their membership base of over 7,800 members. Avvanz Managing Director, Kannan […]

Avvanz Has Been Chosen And Appointed By The Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) Work Pass Division As An Approved Global Background Screening Company

Avvanz has been chosen and appointed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Work Pass Division as an approved global background screening company Employers in Singapore are required to submit a verification proof during the work pass application for their new joiners if the qualification is from an institution that is not on their drop-down list on the MOM site. […]

Why Firms Fall Prey To Dishonest Job Seekers

SINGAPORE – The company in Singapore had hired a new vice-president but a background-check organisation it engaged found that he had fake academic qualifications, so the firm fired him. While fake degrees or diplomas are not a new phenomenon, companies often still fall prey to dishonest job seekers, background-check companies told The Straits Times. On […]

Gear Up For A Digital Future

Avvanz appears in The Business Times today on topic of ‘What should the focus be for Singapore’s Budget for 2021?’ to gear up for a Digital Future.

Moving Up The Value Chain

Avvanz appears in The Business Times today, on topic of What are the unique capabilities and products Singapore can develop as it seeks to transform its manufacturing sector.