How To Prepare Your School For Opening And Reopening During The COVID Crisis

60% of students are eager to return after the worldwide vaccination rollout has slowly restored order in schools and universities. After being able to go back, it’s likely that face-to-face instruction will help make up for lost learning time caused by the global pandemic. Schools and educational institutions are now faced with a huge responsibility […]

Tips To Have An Effective Teacher Hiring Strategy

Education refers to the process where knowledge is being passed over from one individual (an instructor) to another – this means qualified instructors are required for effective learning outcomes regardless of their age or gender etc.  Does it then make sense if anyone fulfilling these requirements should automatically qualify themselves and become employable candidates offered […]

Ways To Building Successful Cross-Cultural Recruitment

As globalization becomes more common throughout different parts of the world there is also an increased demand among employers for a more diversified workforce. We all know that diversified workers can be favorable for companies who need various perspectives from all sorts of backgrounds no matter what type or level of job or position they […]

How This Dumb Piece Of Tech Is Saving Thousands Of Lives

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy emitting Bluetooth to send signals to other smart devices nearby.  Touted as dumb pieces of hardware that just communicate location information to mobile applications, Beacon technology, typically used in proximity marketing, has been making headlines outside of the space the past 18 months. According to a report published by […]

What Digitalization In Education Taught Us These Past Few Months

These past few months have shown us that with the right and efficient  exposure to digital teaching resources, students can not only gain the ability to construct knowledge, but also cultivate information literacy swiftly. Based on preliminary study these past 18 months on various modalities, students’ learning pace has changed from a mode of one-way […]

Continuous monitoring in Healthcare Employees can save more lives

In the healthcare industry, it’s not uncommon for employees to come in contact with patients that are undergoing treatment or recovering from any procedure. In fact, nurses and doctors are often responsible for administering care to these patients. However, if a nurse is struggling with fatigue or a doctor has been feeling stressed lately it […]

How do Social Media checks compliment background checks?

In its 2020 Report, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimated that 5% of all revenue generated by companies – some three and half trillion pounds globally – is lost every year through fraud committed by employees. Some of these are mega-frauds involving tens or hundreds of millions, even billions, being misappropriated by CEOs or […]

Reasons Why Businesses Are Turning to Contingent Staffing

The economic downturn has taken a toll on many businesses. Some companies have not been able to keep up with the demand for their products and services, while others have had to downsize in order to maintain profitability. In uncertain times, it is important to have an experienced team on your side. For many businesses, […]

Reasons Why Demand for Tech Talent Go Up in the Next 5 Years

71% of business leaders believe that their organisation would become more dependent on tech as a result of the pandemic. Many businesses had to adapt to remote working quickly paving the road for  them to rely on cloud-based technologies, video communication and remote software.  Many traditional businesses were also made to bring their businesses online […]

How Established Industries Can Leverage From The Gig Economy

The Pandemic saw an increase of freelancers and gig workers. The question is How can Established Industries Leverage From this opportunity? What is the Gig Economy? The Gig economy refers to an economy in which a large number of short-term contract employees perform specialized or time-sensitive work, these range from blue-collared workers like ride-sharing drivers, […]