Business Process Outsourcing

Global Talents enables you to leverage our expertise to let you transfer all or part of your recruitment processes to us. In a world where there is competitive talent manhunt, Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing provides you an optimal solution.

Our differentiators:

  • We enable you to save the overall talent acquisition costs incurred when valuable time is typically wasted on lengthy hiring processes. 
  • Avvanz thoroughly background screens the candidates selected based on your required competencies and business needs. 
  • We can scale in accordance to your seasonal requirements. There's no need for you to hire additional recruiters to cater to the high volume of recruiting activities. 
  • We can enhance the candidate experience with a consistent hiring process. In some organizations, there could be inconsistent hiring processes across multiple departments leading to candidate frustration. We will ensure your brand equity is preserved. 
  • Avvanz offers comprehensive onboarding to enable a faster contribution from the candidates to your organization.

global talents

Business Associate of Avvanz