• Emerging Technology Trends in Predictive Assessments

    Published by: Amie D. Lawrence, Ph.d. And Ted B. Kinney, Ph.d. Aug 25, 2017
    big data in human resources during background check

    In this article, Avvanz's partner, Select International, analyzes and evaluates the technology trends in employee selection. A well-designed selection process takes into account 3 main factors:

    • Accuracy along with reliability and validity of the tests
    • Utility - Metrics that help organizations determine utility are pass rates by selection phase, cost-per-hire and time in process. 
    • Fairness - All assessment tools used to make selection decisions must be job-related. 

    What are the technology trends?

    • Big Data
    • Serious Games
    • Gamification
    • Short Assessments
    • Mobile devices

    This article evaluates each of these trends in terms of Accuracy, Utility and Fairness. None of these technology trends clearly seem to get the "thumbs up" in terms of all 3 factors at once. In the end, there is no perfect technology advantage and most emerging trends have pros and cons. Hence, it is important to always think about your improvement plans from the basis of the three pillars. 

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