Blended Training

Avvanz Develop offers a unique Blended Training experience which is a combination of Instructor-led Classroom Training and Digital Learning solutions. We believe that this provides a powerful and sustainable assimilation in learning. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist, formulated the Forgetting Curve that depicts the relationship between memory and time. Assuming absorption rate is 100% on day 1 of learning, the retention rate drops to just 2 to 3% by end of 30 days. With additional retention disruptors in today's world, there's an enormous need to keep up the curve and hence the need for a continous learning journey. .


Typical training programs delivered lack pre-training preparation and post-training follow through. To maximize the returns on investing in training, Avvanz believes in a robust and cost-effective Digital Learning (be it off-the-shelf e-learning modules or customized programs) journey before the Classroom Training. During the Classroom Training, the concepts learnt during the Digital Learning will be reinforced and put into action through various activities. After the face-to-face Classroom Training, Digital Learning journey continues and this helps to sustain and develop the Learners so that Learners will apply the knowledge to their workplace which is what that really counts. 

Avvanz's differentiators:

  • Both off-the-shelf and customized Digital Learning programs are available covering multiple disciplines and functions. 
  • Flipped Classroom - Learners watch and learn from online at their own pace and time. The precious classroom time is focused on activities like case studies, role-plays, quizzes, games, brainfiring and presentations. This enables the Learners to effectively apply the concepts learnt from online materials into real-life scenarios. 
  • Lesser Classroom time saves costs and time for Clients. 
  • Customized instructor-led content to complement the online programs and bridge the theory and practice effectively. 
  • Long-term access to online media that Learners can utilise to re-visit after the Instructor-led Training. This will enable Learners to relearn and revise the concepts.
  • Micro-learning Kits pushed out through mobile platforms


Avvanz's Blended Training, at an holistic level, increases engagement levels and delivers exceptional returns on investment to organizations as well as the Learners. Blend with us at and let us offer you the right proposition.