Overview of Background Check Process

Candidate/Employee with multi-country global background (NA, EMEA, JAPAC)

More than 20% have discrepancies

Overview of Background Check Process

  •  Criminal Check
  •  Civil Litigation
  •  Global Sanctions
  •  Adverse Media Search
  •  Social Media Checks 

Finance Checks Related

  •  Credit Check
  •  Bankruptcy
  •  Financial Regulatory
  •  Conflicting Directorship

Identity Checks Related

  • Passport Verification
  • Driving Records
  • Address Verification
  • Right to Work



Interim Report

in less than 5 business days

  • Employment Details – HR

        (after authenticating the HR Contact)

  • Employment Performance – Supervisor

        (after authenticating the Supervisor)

  • Highest Education
  • Professional Qualifications/ Certifications


Final Report

About 12 to 15 business days

About 12 to 15 business days

It’s possible that TAT can stretch beyond the 15 business days due to

  • Delay in responses from HR or Supervisor
  • Delay in responses from Educational
    Institutions esp due to holiday breaks

Supplementary Report will be generated to fill the missing gaps.

Note: Turn Around Time (TAT) is not computed from the date when the Order is placed. It counts from the date when Candidate’s required information, signed Letter of Consent and mandatory documents are uploaded


Ordering on ScreenGlobal

For ScreenGlobal, unlimited IDs and Passwords can be issued to your Users or Case Requestors across the hirearchical levels. The privileges are as below:

If preference is to order Cases manually instead of using Avvanz ScreenGlobal, Avvanz can work on that mode too.

Letter of Consent

Due to Personal Data Protection Acts or Data Privacy Policies or Fair Consumer Report Acts, a Letter of Consent has to be signed by the Candidate authorizing his/her employer, Avvanz and other sub-contractors involved to access his/her Personal Data. 

Avvanz Client Management and Operations

Once you order the background checks with Avvanz, our Client Management Team will work closely with you to address any specific needs and Standard Operating Procedures. Once all the data, documents and signed authorizations have been collected from Candidate, Client Management Team will transfer the information to Avvanz Operations. Avvanz Operations will undertake the background checking work and will constantly update the quality-checked information to Client Management Team who will in turn update the Background Check Reports real-time. These Reports will be accessible your Case Requestor(s).

For some checks for certain countries, additional information might be required or additional forms might need to be filled. These will be requested of the Candidates when needed. Additional charges might apply if the particular data source warrants it. Avvanz will check with you before going ahead with the check. 

To view sample of background check report, drop a note to consult@avvanz.com