Background Check California

Background Check California

There are studies that prove the effectivity of screenings and background checks to the improvement, transformation and development of a company or organization. This is to guarantee the integrity and security of the organization and the people that work hard to build it.

Often times, screening and checking can be a hassle and may take too much time. This is why Avvanz is here to help. For both pre-hiring and on-the-job subjects, Avvanz makes a thorough screening and check to improve the function of an organization.

How Can Avvanz Be of Help?

It is important to remember that not every single one of the subjects have to be checks or screened for it, but it is essential to have a solid reason to spot the leeches that are in the organization.

You can consult with Avvanz regarding your concerns for free, to set your expectations regarding what you will need.

Due Diligence Background Checks

The due diligence background checks are important to make sure the image of the subject does not affect the reputation and the image of the organization itself. This will include the social reputation and image of the subject. The subject will be screened, and the background checking will report if the subject has criminal records or other cases that may affect their work and the company altogether.

Financial Background Checks

Most of the time, financial firms and organizations are very strict with the subjects they consider. To assure the potential and development of an individual, they do background checks for the benefit of confidence that the personnel they recruit or employ will be a good investment to them or not.

Financial background checks involve checking if the subject is bankrupt and how deep in debt they are, if the subject owes a big sum of money and a regulatory check if they are facing any crucial cases in this matter.

Identity Background Checks

Identity background checks often report the validity of the individual’s profile - verifying if they are legit, not a fraud and if they are who they claim to be. It is important for every organization to check if they information and profile of the subject is true - all the way to their contact information and address.

Integrity Background Checks

These background checks deal with the capability of a subject to grow in the organization and their abilities to be considered in the first place. 

The integrity background checks report feedback and evaluations from HR and supervisors. There will be assessment reports as well on the professional qualifications of the subject; if they have the potential to be part of the growth of the organization or they are not making enough progress to continue or be included.

Doing Business with Avvanz

Avvanz gives you two options to order for background checks. You can visit for a quick assessment and evaluation, without the hassle of upfront fees or waiting time for final reports. You can also order your background checks by sending an email to or call us +1-6282253243