Background Check Australia

Background Check Australia

The security of the company is always a must when it comes to hiring the people who will be working with you. When it comes to security, it means more than detecting and protecting against possible threats to the business.

The security of the company is also making sure you have the right people working with you; assuring productivity, progress and development of the company in the long term. The vision of keeping the company in perfect working conditions, Avvanz assures you are equipped with the right, functional workforce personnel.

How Does Avvanz Work?

The productivity and development of the company lies in the personnel of the business. The people working in the business helps the company grow and thrive - but, that is not always the case.

Avvanz helps you identify the potential and quality employees - distinguishing the ones who work efficiently and effectively, and the ones who are not good for their jobs.

Security checks and integrity checks are important in screening for the individuals who are working best from the individuals that lack the potential and promising characteristics for progressive outcomes.

A security background check pertains to the diligent work ethics of an individual, financial checks for reliance, and identity checks for confidence that you are hiring the right people. An integrity check would show you the progress of an individual. It would show how much they have been productive over a period of time; how effective and efficient have they been?

Due Diligence Background Checks

This background check works all the way from mass and social media to police records and registries. You can check if an individual has any criminal records, if they have any sexual violations, if they are facing any on-going cases and if they are disqualified from any fields.

This background check also deals with screening the public image and information of the subject. This field assesses the qualification of an individual to secure self-image and the image of the company.

Financial Background Checks

The Financial Background check tackles Bankruptcy, Financial Regulatory Check and Credit Check to report the competency of an individual to be part of the company. This works best for companies that are employing personnel in financial departments, which may affect the future of a company’s funds if untrustworthy and unreliable personnel are hired.

Identity Background Checks

Identity Background Checks works if the individual is actually who they say they are, if their profiles are all true and not false. It also shows if they have a history of fraud, or if their proof of residency is also legit.

Integrity Background Checks

For integrity checks, it is important to report information on education verification, employment details, and professional career qualifications and stands for promotions.

Education verification shows their records in their education history; if the school really does exist and if they really took the courses they indicated. Employment details will be reviewed with HR and supervisors to record reliability of an individual. The professional qualifications and stands for promotions show their potential in being part of the company, and how they can be used best for the business.

Doing Business With Avvanz

Background checks are what Avvanz does best. You have two variations you can use to acquire the Avvanz services:

  • You can order checks from Avvanz online, by going to this link: This method gives you a thorough report on without the need for any initial or final reports. It helps you order checks on the background of individuals without any surprise charges, pre-payments, or long processing to face.

  • You can have a professional consultant to assist you with your inquiries and concerns through sending us an email at or call us (02) 9099 1689