Creating a Strong, Collaborative Multi-Generational Workforce: 4 Must-Do Steps

When COVID-19 struck, one of the critical HR issues for organizations was managing a multigenerational workforce ONLINE. This ongoing global crisis provided an opportunity to revisit the long held approach of segmenting the age groups vs truly understanding and managing different skill and workforce profiles. What is a multigenerational workforce? A multigenerational workforce (often also […]

AVVANZ is awarded as HR Technology Company of the Year 2021

Closing off the 2021 South-East Asia Business awards, Apac-Insider gives opportunities to businesses from different sectors to showcase unparalleled expertise, from manufacturing and exporting to technology and agriculture. Undergoing deliberate and careful nominations, AVVANZ takes pride and honor to be awarded as this year’s (2021) HR Technology Company of the Year – Singapore. Despite the challenges from the previous year […]

Digital Transformation Brings New Opportunities For Healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly changing. New technologies are emerging that can benefit the patient, provider and payer alike. Digital transformation has led to new ways of delivering care, including telemedicine and virtual health clinics. Telemedicine provides patients with access to medical advice from a doctor without having to physically see them in person. This not only […]

Green Finance May Pave A New Way For The Sustainable Development Of The Banking Industry

With the rise of sustainable development, more and more attention has been given on how banks can achieve sustainability. The industry believes that although they still have many challenges in developing green finance business models; the opportunities definitely exceed the challenges.   Investing in the environment is good business. Green finance refers to “economic activities that support environmental improvement, response […]

The Hidden Risks Of Hiring Remotely

Hiring remote employees is not an easy thing. It requires a different mindset and willingness to go outside your comfort zone. One of them is to be willing and able to invest in them so that they can become an integral part of the team in the long term. The hiring process is becoming ever […]

How Fintech Is Transforming The Underwriting Process

The new world of digitalization creates challenges for finance companies, as they begin to adopt the technology. Fintech is a major part in this industry and it’s changing many parts including underwriting. This shift impacts every aspect of the financial sector-and as more people use these technologies everything from banking to investment has been transformed […]

How To Prepare Your School For Opening And Reopening During The COVID Crisis

60% of students are eager to return after the worldwide vaccination rollout has slowly restored order in schools and universities. After being able to go back, it’s likely that face-to-face instruction will help make up for lost learning time caused by the global pandemic. Schools and educational institutions are now faced with a huge responsibility […]

Tips To Have An Effective Teacher Hiring Strategy

Education refers to the process where knowledge is being passed over from one individual (an instructor) to another – this means qualified instructors are required for effective learning outcomes regardless of their age or gender etc.  Does it then make sense if anyone fulfilling these requirements should automatically qualify themselves and become employable candidates offered […]

Ways To Building Successful Cross-Cultural Recruitment

As globalization becomes more common throughout different parts of the world there is also an increased demand among employers for a more diversified workforce. We all know that diversified workers can be favorable for companies who need various perspectives from all sorts of backgrounds no matter what type or level of job or position they […]

How This Dumb Piece Of Tech Is Saving Thousands Of Lives

Beacons are small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy emitting Bluetooth to send signals to other smart devices nearby.  Touted as dumb pieces of hardware that just communicate location information to mobile applications, Beacon technology, typically used in proximity marketing, has been making headlines outside of the space the past 18 months. According to a report published by […]