Digital Transformation Brings New Opportunities For Healthcare

Healthcare is rapidly changing. New technologies are emerging that can benefit the patient, provider and payer alike. Digital transformation has led to new ways of delivering care, including telemedicine and virtual health clinics. Telemedicine provides patients with access to medical advice from a doctor without having to physically see them in person. This not only […]

How To Spot Red Flags When Interviewing A Candidate

Interviewing candidates is important to find the best fit for your company. However, interviews are not always enough to make sure that you have found the right person. There are many more factors involved in assessing a candidate’s fit and personality. Below, we will discuss the signs that may indicate if a candidate is bullshitting […]

MYTH OR FACT? Digital Transformation Is Costly And Faces Many Uncertainties

Through the years an upgrade in tech has become the primary goal of digital innovation in businesses. In the name of maturity, more and more industries are beginning to try to pump information technology into their process, operations, and way of doing things. While many organizations hope to join the trend of digital transformation, digitalization […]

AVVANZ WEBCAFE: The Great Resignation vs. The Great Retention

Participants:– Kannan Chettiar, Avvanz– Rosalind Loh, Avvanz– Chi Ming Loh, LinkedIn– Gary Lee, Group HR– Vivek Ivyani, Millenial Minds PTE Ltd.– Shirley Temple Lau, Herrenknecht Asia Ltd.   In this insightful discussion, you will be able to hear different views and perspectives from our participants of different backgrounds and industries about The Great Resignation vs. […]

Leadership in Education: In what areas schools can leverage disruptive technologies?

Following through our first episode of Leadership in Education series comes a casual fireside discussion among school leaders and talked about the topic: “In what areas schools can leverage disruptive technologies.”   Our guests:– Karrie Dietz (Head of School, Stamford American School Hong Kong)– Mike Gilmour (Principal, Knightsbridge House International School)– Eugene Low (Head of […]

Achieving 60% Hiring ROI Through AI And Background Screening

ACHIEVING 60% HIRING ROI THROUGH AI AND BACKGROUND SCREENING. Kannan Chettiar of Avvanz and Nina Alag Suri of X0PA AI will address the HR industry’s biggest concerns, debunk myths and discuss how technology integration will help achieve 60% ROI in recruitment and onboarding. WATCH THE REPLAY HERE. Meet the speakers.

Education Industry: Overcoming Leadership And HR Challenges

Overcoming Leadership and HR Challenges in the Modern International School Environment Our Distinguished Speakers: Dr. Kevin House – Director of Education for Dulwich College International and Associate Professor in Practice, Durham University Stuart McLay – Director of Education Quality Assurance & Accreditation at Vinschool Education System Moderator is Peter Liddell, Chief Operating Officer at Schrole […]

Diamond Rules of Entrepreneurship

In this age of technological advancement, Entrepreneurship can be overwhelming. Sometimes, what seems easy to some can be hard for others, and vice versa. What if there’s a guide that can help you determine the positive attitudes of success, and how you can be more effective in running your business?   For start-ups the first five […]